Sarah Layton

Senior Vice President, Product & Analytics


Sarah Layton joined Vistaprint in October 2006 and has held a variety of roles within the organization. Currently she oversees strategy, planning and internal communications for Vistaprint, as well as the analytics organization and customer and competitive insights team. Her team is responsible for developing and operationalizing the multiyear vision for Vistaprint and providing insights and analysis on marketing, site and product performance, and progress toward the strategy.

Throughout her tenure at Vistaprint, Sarah has led multiple initiatives and investigations into future growth opportunities, including leading the acquisition integration of Webs, a DIY website company in 2012. She also led the business development, operational design and execution of the white label Retail solution which grew into the Strategic Partnerships organization, and developed strategies for our North American business and the Global Marketing function before assuming her current position.

Prior to Vistaprint, Sarah was a management consultant focusing at different times on strategy, and operations and supply chain management.  She also worked for IBM Venture Capital and focused on developing and commercializing emerging technologies for the Retail sector.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School.