Vistaprint Teams Up with SOMETHING IN THE WATER and Pharrell Williams to Support Voters in Virginia

VA For The People initiative to increase voter turnout receives a boost from Vistaprint with a donation of 500,000 face masks and 10,000 yard signs

Vistaprint announces a partnership with VA for the People, a SOMETHING IN THE WATER community initiative to amplify and mobilize the voices, passion and energy of OTHERS across Virginia and beyond. The nonpartisan initiative is making its way to various locations throughout the state through the November 3rd election. Vistaprint is amplifying awareness efforts through the donation of 10,000 “VA for the People” lawn signs, along with materials to help voters feel more comfortable at the polls including 500,000 fabric face masks, 10,000 touchless door opener keychains, and more.

“With important elections on all levels across the state and up through to the presidency, we want to make sure people are registered to vote and are equipped with what they need to make informed decisions. I want to make sure the people in my home state of Virginia have their voices heard,” said Pharrell Williams, SOMETHING IN THE WATER Founder. “By partnering with Vistaprint to create and distribute 10,000 lawn signs and giving out half a million face masks, we’re helping to spread the importance of voting and helping voters to keep one another safe as they go to the polls in November.”

Virginia is traditionally a closely contested election and it is also the home to a high concentration of disenfranchised, vulnerable and marginalized communities most at risk of having their voices go unheard due to low voter turnout.

“In April I noticed that the new voter registration numbers were down more than 73 percent compared to the last national primary and in digging a bit deeper, I saw that only 30 percent of Voter Eligible Virginians actually cast a ballot in 2016. These numbers shocked me – I knew we could do better and that’s when this initiative started forming,” Darla Vaughn, team lead for the VA For The People initiative. “We want to take the creative and cultural energy behind SOMETHING IN THE WATER and focus it through a true community lens as an additive to all the amazing organizations educating and growing the voter base nationally. Our partnership with Vistaprint truly helps us amplify our message and excite voters to become more civically engaged while staying safe at the polls.”

“Voting in any election is important and for some, there are hurdles between them and the ballot box. But in a time when people are worried about the safety of public transportation or gathering in crowds due to the pandemic, exercising their fundamental right to vote comes with some added hurdles,” Vistaprint North America Market Director Erin Shea said. “We love the energy and enthusiasm behind SOMETHING IN THE WATER ‘s campaign and we wanted to lend our resources to help amplify their message by providing 10,000 lawn signs and assuage some of the fears prospective voters may have in casting their ballot in person by donating half a million fabric face masks.”

The 500,000 fabric face masks will be distributed at VA for the People activation events, at polling stations and through local community organizers. In addition to these donations, Vistaprint is also showing its support through its collection of Voter face masks and election signage.

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About VA For The People
VA For The People is a platform and call to action inspired by SOMETHING IN THE WATER – a multi-day music festival and community experience created by Pharrell Williams to celebrate, uplift and show up for his hometown of Virginia Beach.

We are a diverse group of creatives working together to amplify and mobilize the voices, passion and energy of OTHERS across Virginia and beyond.

We come together in the spirit of love and creative expression inspired by Virginians. Our responsibility is to uplift the issues and community voices that are far too often unheard, particularly those of our youth and OTHERS seeking greater representation.

We exist to listen and creatively bring to life the needs, actions and vision of the people that we serve. Community rooted activations serve as anchors to help deepen connection, reimagine, and inspire greater agency locally. By elevating the actions, visions, and shared values of the communities we build with, our highest ideals can be realized.

Our common wealth is our humanity.

We are…For The People.

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